Every day witchy tips for home

22. srpna 2018 v 15:17 | ellen
  1. open windows and let the sunlight in. the sun is an essential source of vitamin d, which strengthens your bones. it increases serotonin levels, balances your circadian rhythm, and is a powerful resource of energy and warmth. let the daylight motivate you!
  2. burn candles, incense, or run a diffuser in the morning. making your space smell nice is a great way to boost your mood (however, be careful of certain oils used in diffusers, they can be harmful to pets!).
  3. make your own natural cleaning products. two cups of water, ½ cup of white vinegar, 1 tbsp of unscented dish soap, 1 tbsp baking soda, and a couple drops of your fav essential oil for scent… tada! all purpose natural cleaner!
  4. put crystals in the soil of your potted plants to encourage healthy growth (i've found clear quartz, malachite, and pyrite are good for this).
  5. sprinkle a little baking soda + essential oils on the carpet before you vacuum, and chant your intentions as you do. deodorize your carpet and suck up bad vibes at the same time.
  6. hang witch bells above the front and back doors. this works as a ward against evil/negative energy, and also functions as a low cost security system.
  7. keep your space clean! it can be hard to stay on top of sometimes, but if you find yourself with a spare 30 minutes, use it to tidy up. your home is a reflection of your soul and your energy, and too much clutter can be both physically and mentally draining.
  8. talk out loud. whistle. sing. this may sound silly, but let your home hear you. imagine your youness sinking into the walls. make your space fall in love with you, and do it in return.
  9. count your blessings, no matter how small. it's easy to think of all the things we don't have and to forget about the things we do. whether it's your own bedroom, an internet connection, a cute statue, a book, a crystal, access to food and clean water, try to take stock of the things that make your life good and comfortable.


22. srpna 2018 v 15:13 | ellen

  1. Listening to your own intuition will always be useful. Learn to trust it. (This is extremely important and will help you in the long run) ☆
  2. Put almonds in your pockets for good luck.
  3. Lemongrass essential oil kills fruit flies.
  4. Use a charged crystal on top of your Wifi router, or anything that needs a boost. ☆
  5. Salt in a hula hoop for casting circles.
  6. Evernote and Google docs are amazing for online Grimoires. ☆
  7. Snow-globes can be used in place of crystal balls. ☆
  8. Don't leave any naturally coloured quartz (amethyst, rose) in the sun, it'll fade. Unless you want it to fade.
  9. You can use crayons in place of candles. ☆
  10. Meditation! ☆
  11. Be careful of setting stuff on fire, move all flammable objects before lighting something.
  12. Clear quartz can absorb negativity. ☆
  13. Be specific when asking questions/doing spells.
  14. You can turn songs into spells, it helps a lot when you're just starting. ☆
  15. You can make cheap runes with a sharpie, clear nail polish, and rocks. ☆
  16. Thrift stores ARE YOUR FRIEND! ☆☆☆
  17. Rosemary can be used in place of any herb.
  18. Clear Quartz can be used in place of any stone.
  19. http://biddytarot.com is a good place to read in-depth Tarot meanings, really helps if you're starting out. ☆
  20. Suck on a peppermint when you're studying something you need to remember, then again when you need to remember the thing. ☆
  21. Incense ashes = black salt.
  22. Cleanse by moon, charge by sun. ☆
  23. Wear colours that correspond to your intent for that day, subtle and effective. ☆
  24. Got a needle and thread? You got a pendulum. ☆
  25. Just about any cards can be used for divination. Playing cards, pokemon cards, etc.
  26. You can find images of the Rider-Waite deck online and print them onto cardstock.
  27. Craft stores usually have REALLY CHEAP jars. ☆
  28. Music is magical, use that to your advantage. ☆☆
  29. LOCKETS!
  30. Just about any mirror/reflective surface can be used for scrying, don't let Etsy fool you with those 50$ mirrors. ☆
  31. White candles can be used in place of any candle. ☆☆
  32. There are also candle apps!
  33. Birthday candles!
  34. CANDLES!
  35. If you bake, draw sigils in the batter/dough before baking.
  36. Stir liquids clockwise for a luck/health boost, and counter-clockwise for banishing and ridding of negativity.
  37. If you need to subtly cleanse, sage and saltwater in a spray bottle. Be mindful of plants and pets. ☆
  38. Sage can smell like weed sometimes, keep that in mind. ☆
  39. Peach and Avocado pits ward off negativity. ☆☆
  40. If you don't like working with blood, Halloween blood and pomegranate/cherry juices are great.
  41. LIBRARIES!!!!!! ☆☆☆
  42. Keep a notebook with you constantly in case you need to write something down. ☆☆☆☆
  43. Write wishes on bay leaves, then burn them to make them come true. ☆
  44. Cleanse yourself in the wind. ☆
  45. To get candle wax out of a jar, pour some boiling water in it then leave it for a while, the wax should be floating on top. Be careful!
  46. Selenite and Amethyst are good for dreams. ☆
  47. Pressing flowers really is useful. ☆☆
  48. You can make your own tea blends pretty easily, just be careful about knowing what is/isn't edible.
  49. Set a sigil as your phone background, then plug it in to charge it.
  50. Write sigils with makeup while you're doing it. ☆
  51. Warding will be your best friend. ☆
  52. Use common sense! ☆☆☆
  53. If you want to grow herbs out of cans be sure you poke holes in the bottom so excess water can run out.
  54. If you can't throw salt everywhere, make a salt water spray instead.
  55. You can draw over sigils with glow in the dark paint to see charging effects.
  56. Use plastic ziploc bags in place of jars; cheaper! ☆
  57. Coffee filters can be used as herb bags. ☆
  58. If a spell calls for an ingredient that happens to be in a tea you own, cut open your own tea bags.
  59. You can make altar/shrine books.
  60. Colour correspondences for sigils. ☆
  61. You can do virtual altars via pinterest, video games, etc. ☆
  62. You can glue envelopes into your BOS to hold things like sigils, recipes, etc.
  63. Brick dust works the same as black salt.
  64. Make a google doc/keep a notepad with you for ideas throughout your day.
  65. Instead of burying jars in the ground, use non-bleached toilet paper tubes.
  66. You can buy one big pot and plant many herbs in it. ☆
  67. Chew mint gum during money spells. ☆
  68. Write sigils on your nails using nail polsh pens ☆
  69. Rice water is used for prosperity and success spells.
  70. If you have a computer, you can make your background your altar. ☆
  71. Have an altar by a window, so your items are always cleansed/charged.
  72. Uncooked spaghetti makes lighting candles a lot easier.
  73. Use oil diffusers if you can't burn incense. ☆
  74. Wicca is NOT the only path! ☆☆☆
  75. Glass can be substituted for quartz.
  76. Dedicate a stuffed animal to your deity to bond with them. ☆
  77. A good blood substitute = crushed iron tablets.
  78. Attach crystals to the cork tops of your jars as an energy channel to charge jar spells.
  79. You do NOT have to do magick everyday, it shouldn't be a chore or something you dread doing. ☆☆☆
  80. Brackish water (salt and fresh water) is good for cursing.
  81. Don't eat things that aren't edible, and don't sniff things that aren't sniffable. ☆
  82. When enchanting your car, draw sigils on the wheels so they charge when they turn.
  83. Don't make offerings that degrade the environment! ☆☆
  84. More jar alternatives: bowls of ice, unbleached paper, bell peppers.
  85. Don't bury jars, please.
  86. Just don't do it.
  87. White sage is endangered in America, grow your own. ☆☆☆
  88. Breathe. ☆☆☆
  89. Compile a list of songs that have names corresponding to herbs and ingredients to put in a spell playlist.
  90. Do not substitute fantasy for fact. ☆☆☆
  91. Don't do spells on someone that goes against their free will. ☆
  92. Empath tip: Carry blue goldstone.
  93. Salt cleanse yourself with any salty snack, crisps, pretzels, etc. ☆
  94. Frankincense is an insect repellent
  95. Put mint in shoes for luck (and an air freshener!) ☆
  96. Garage sales are amazing.
  97. Place a candle in the window to welcome sunlight.
  98. Bells can be used for cleansing, too. ☆☆
  99. Witch Hazel is a natural toner, good for your skin, and is used for protection!
  100. Rain washes away bad vibes, negativity, and cleanses. ☆☆