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** A Witch Alone (Thirteen Moons to Master Natural Magic) **
by Marian Green

This book carries on the tradition of the solo village witch emphasizing white rather than black magic. It is a practical manual of instruction for those who choose the solo path of study and particularly stresses the importance of being in tune with nature.


** Mastering Witchcraft: A Practical Guide for Witches, Warlocks, and Covens **
by Paul Huson

An enduring classic since its publication in 1970, Mastering Witchcraft is one of the best how-to manuals for those wishing to practice traditional European Witchcraft as a craft rather than a New Age religion.


The Crone's Book of Words
by Walerie Worth

The author has created from her studies these poems that are more than poems: instructions, incantations, and spells for every purpose. This is the magick incarnate in each of us who knows the power that is within.


Traditional Witchcraft A Cornish Book of Ways
by Gemma Gary

Traditional Witchcraft - A Cornish Book of Ways is a 21st century version of traditional Cornish witchcraft, of the kind recorded by Hunt, Bottrell and others. This is no neo-pagan or modern wiccan manual, but rather a deep drawing up into modern times of some of the ancient practices of lore and magic practiced by the white witches, charmers, conjurers and pellars of the Cornish villages.


The Charmers' Psalter - 2nd Edition
by Gemma Gary

The Psalms, mysterious in their origins and possibly far pre-dating their appearance within Judeo-Christian Scripture, have a long history of magical use. We encounter the Psalms within the rites and talismanic magic of the grimoires, and their prolific employment within Charming, Cunning and folk-magical tradition. Herein the methods of their use are varied and incorporate magical acts of utterance, inscription, bottling, burning, sprinkling, pouring and burial in conjunction with various substances and materials.


** Treading the Mill: Workings in Traditional Witchcraft **
by Nigel G. Pearson

Hallowing the Compass; Tools, Calling the Directions, Content of the Rite, Closing Statement & Thanksgiving, Honouring the Directions, Opening/Dismissing the Compass, Place of Working, Examples. Wand Crafting; What is a Wand? Aspects of Traditional Tree Lore, Dryads, Types of Wood, Some Native Trees, Cutting Wood for Magical Purposes, Creating your Wand, Finishing Off your Wand, A Hallowing Rite. Spell Crafting. What is a Spell? and more ..


** The Long Hidden Friend **
by John George Hohman

Instructing the practitioner in such matters as the arts of the circle, the conjuration of spirits, angels and demons, the performing of divinations, the crafting of magical tools, charms, amulets and talismans, and the magical properties of plants, the grimoire has had a profound influence on the practices of magic in the modern period.


The Flame in the Cauldron: A Book of Old-Style Witchery
by Orion Foxwood

Foxwood reveals some of his own deeply personal rituals and spells directly from his own grimoire of witchery; he highlights the differences (and similarities) between Wicca, "traditional" witchcraft, and old style witchery.


Authentic Witchcraft: The Historical Tradition Revealed
by Grayson Magnus

Its purpose is to introduce new and potential students to the authentic, historical Witchcraft tradition. Authentic Witchcraft is defined by three essential characteristics. First, Witchcraft is not religious. It has no gods, no prayer and no worship. Instead, it is based in a spiritual world-view called Animism. The second defining characteristic of authentic Witchcraft is that every Witch has a Familiar-Spirit who is a primary source of his or her power. This relationship takes the form of a courtship and romance. The final characteristic of authentic witchcraft is a subject long shunned by Wiccans and Neo-Pagans; The Devil. It is important for real Witches to understand what our ancestors believed about him and why.


Fifty Years in the Feri Tradition
by Cora Anderson

This book explains the Andersons' work and teachings in the Fairy Faith of the Old Religion-its theology, physics, and social structure.


The Black Toad: West Country Witchcraft and Magic
by Gemma Gary

The Black Toad explores potent examples of the folk-ceremonial magical practices and witchcraft of the south-west of England; dealing especially with Devon and the author's homeland of Cornwall.


A Deed Without a Name: Unearthing the Legacy of Traditional Witchcraft
by Lee Morgan

A Deed Without a Name seeks to weave together some of this cutting-edge research with insider information and practical know-how. Utilising her own decades of experience in witchcraft and core-shamanism Lee Morgan pulls together information from trial records, folklore and modern testimonials to deepen our understanding of the ecstatic and visionary substrata of Traditional Witchcraft.


Výsledek obrázku pro Carmina GadelicaCarmina Gadelica
by Alexander Carmichael

Collection of folk poetry from the Western Isles of Scotland. Carmichael spent years collecting folklore from the vanishing cultures of Scotland. The poems in this volume include prayers, invocations, blessings and charms.


Výsledek obrázku pro The GaldrabókThe Galdrabók
by Stephen E Flowers

This book is a grimoire translated by Stephen Flowers that dates back to the 1600s, but is believed to contain spells and rituals that come from as far back as the 1400s. The grimoire contains 47 spells and sigils/staves that originate from the old witchcraft traditions of Iceland.


Výsledek obrázku pro The PicatrixThe Picatrix
by Hashem Atallah

This grimoire contains nearly 400 pages with a large focus on astrological magic that relates to everything from creating talismans to conjuring spirits.


Concerning the Three Bodies

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I've been meaning to make this post for a while, and I just never got around to it, so here it goes.
The Three Bodies.
What are the Three Bodies?
The Three Bodies are what make up a person, thing, animal, what have you. I debate with myself whether or not this includes non-living objects, like computers and cars…and eventually, I just say: no, let's keep with objects that have spirit to begin with, rather than spirits that cultivate over time from interaction.
The Three Bodies are: The Physical Body (obvs), the Spirit Body, and the Soul or Archetypical Body. It's a very animistic concept, and one that our ancestors had strong ties to as well.
The Physical Body
It's that fleshy mass that is oh so fragile that you're sitting in right now. This includes your bones, all your organs, et cetera. It is a vehicle for accessing the spirit and the soul. As the least subtle of bodies, it is harder to manipulate in terms of changing it with the will. We certainly have control over our bodies, but that is accessed from above, a deeper mystery is here. I tend to refer to the physical body as the When and the Where.
The Spirit Body
The Spirit body is the subtle double of our physical body. It is also the one that we can manipulate to attract the Familiar Spirit. It is this double that fares forth into the spirit world. Modern witches often refer to this as the "astral body", I just…hate using that term, but whatever. This spirit body is tied to the Mind, and is also the Who of the Where and When. The Spirit is cultivated over time as we grow spiritually. This may make people question if we are born with a spirit.
Yes and no. Yes in the sense that everything has spirit, but no in the sense that our spirit is not fully grown, as it were. We must cultivate the spirit, and raise it to act in a certain way with certain beliefs. What we are raised to know is not necessarily what is best for our spirit, and so we must tear it away and rebuild. This tearing away of the Ego (the Who) of our existence is a traumatizing event, and can lead to insanity or even death. I do not recommend it to anyone who is afraid of change. This tearing away of the spirit creates a path to the Soul.
The Soul or Archetypical Self
The Soul is our deepest self. It is the Root of our being. It is the most subtle, and therefore the hardest to explain and understand. The Soul is our Deep Primal Self. It is the Shadow of our being. In this it is connected to the All. It is also our Archetypical Self in that it represents the Whole of Who we are.
Not everyone has a soul. Or rather, not everyone has access to their Deep Self. The Soul is accessed through the Spirit, and if you have not taken the time to cultivate the spirit, you can not access the soul. By a strange occurrence, when we are is deeply connected to the Soul, or What we are. It trickles down from above, creating the When of us.
The problem with our language is that we have so few words spiritually speaking. To some Soul and Spirit are the same thing. However, if we listen to our language, there are subtle clues about what we really think of these two concepts.
"In keeping with the Spirit of this Piece, Romeo and Juliet will be played with the appropriate ages."
Here we are evoking the spirit of the play, of Who it is and Who it represents, and the Concept surrounding it. It is very logical in this way.
"You have to access the Soul, the Heart of this piece of music. You have to Feel it."
The concept of the Soul is very emotional, deep, and usually can not be explained with mere words. But to access it, we must understand the concepts surrounding it, the Spirit of it.
The Soul is not who you are now, it is something far deeper and far more. It is overwhelming. It is the Whole.
When we die, our spirit ceases to exist. Who we are becomes nothing, unless it is kept alive by those who remember us. But it is disconnected from the Soul, that must move on.
In dreams I have been shown what happens when we die. Our identity is erased, and is swallowed into Nothingness. The Soul moves on as it must. A constant oscillation between the Physical and the Other. And yet, it isn't ours any more at all, haha!
That's…really all I have right now, to be honest. It's late here, and I can't think of anything else to write. There are things that I'd like to talk about, but can't really figure out how to put them into words.
If you have any questions, just drop me a line.


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Související obrázek
"Reconstructionist" Traditional Witchcraft is the Reconstructionist approach to the Historical Witchcraft of the X-XVIII centuries (and in some cases even later, for example there are attestations of Donne di Fuori - Sicilian practitioners - who are from 1980s). Although these cults have a pre-Christian origin, they are not exactly copies of the Religions of the Gentiles (Roman, Greek, Celtic, Germanic, etc.) because around the tenth century, as attested by the Canon Episcopi (906 CE), in the Franco-Germanic area there was a particular mixture of both Pagan and Christian elements that gave rise to the Medieval Witchcraft complex.
The fundamental difference with respect to the Religions of the Gentiles is that although their figures remained, the Gods were no longer defined as Deities, but people moved towards an animism, in which even the Gods were considered simple Spirits, more powerful than the others but still Spirits. The Spirits with which the witch worked, her allies, were called Familiar Spirits, and therefore we can say that Witchcraft was a cult of the Familiar Spirits.
From the Franco-Germanic area the T.W. complex spread gradually throughout Europe, both thanks to the simple talk, but above all by virtue of the sermons of Christian preachers AGAINSTthese beliefs, which however had the opposite effect, spreading them throughout the Continent.
By merging with the local pre-Christian remains of the various countries, of the various regions and of the various cities, the theme of the T.W. created different variations in every place in which it arrived.
So, we will have a Sicilian Traditional Witchcraft, where the practitioners were called Donne di Fuori and worshipped the Queen and the King of Fairies, a Calabrian one, linked to the cult of the Fatae, and so on.

This is the theory, but the practice? How to begin?
I think it's very useful for a beginner to:

) Find his or her patron God/dess (or, as it would be better called, the Major Spirit) by analyzing legends, folklore and/or trials in the area in order to see the names of the beings who are leaders of the witches, of the fairies or of the Wild Hunt, and/or that are of pagan origins;

) To start doing offerings to him/her (in the past, Ginzburg reveals, the offerings were tables full of food and drink, preceded by a cleaning and ordering of the house, to leave for the night in which the procession of the Major Spirit would have come to eat, drink, dance and give blessings to the home).

) The Sabbath is also very important, but in order to celebrate it we have to discover the days in which we can do it: it's possible to see in legends books of a certain region the days in which witches gathered together, and to take these as the days for the Sabbaths for the tradition of witchcraft of that area.
The Sabbath would be:
- a bowing to the representation of the Major Spirit,
- an offering of candle,
- the banquet: some food and drink to eat in honour to the Major Spirit,
- a dance for him/her,
- and finally a sexual intercourse in honor to him/her (after a divination in which to see if it's an appreciated thing or not for the Spirit).

) It's possible to use hydromancy (the most used method of trance after the astral travel in European trials) or other trance techniques or dreams/astral projection in order to contact the Major Spirit and let him/her taking you to:
- the procession from house to house with the Major Spirit to eat the food let for you, dance and bless with a wand the house and its inhabitants;
- or the Wild Hunt;
- or the Oneiric Sabbath;
- or the Other World (also called Elphame/Sybil's Paradise/etc. and with many other names, depending on the area that is considered);
- or to the Battles in Spirits (like those of Benandanti, Mazzeri, Taltos, Kresniks, etc.).

) It's possible to ask during these visions or dreams in the Oniric Sabbath to receive the Animal Familiar Spirit.

) Beyond to the Major Spirit, it's possible to do offerings for other Familiar Spirits (I repeat: with Familiar Spirit I mean every helpling spirit), the external ones such as:
- the House Spirit/Household Fairy (in Great Britain also called "brownie", "hobgoblin", etc.);
- the Genius Loci/Fairy of a natural place;
- the Ancestors;
- the Plant Ally (such as the Mandrake Familiars).
Or/and the internal one:
- the Animal Familiar, that can help as a guide during trance and dream travels, if it's discovered.
Usually the offerings are of food and drink but for the ancestors, which have usually candles and flowers, as it's possible to see in classical household catholic shrines to the dead and in cemeteries.

To deepen, I recommend these books and articles:

- Carlo Ginzburg
's "Ecstasies" and "Night Battles"

- Emma Wilby
's "Cunning Folk and Familiar Spirits" and "The Visions of Isobel Gowdie"

- Claude Lecouteux's "Witches, Werewolves, and Fairies" and "Phantom Armies of the Night"

- Gustav Henningsen's "Early Modern European Witchcraft: Centres and Peripheries"

- Sabina Magliocco's "Who Was Aradia" and "Aradia in Sardinia"

- Eva Pocs' "Fairies and witches at the boundary of south-eastern and central Europe" and all her other books

- Julian Goodare's "The Cult of the Seely Wights in Scotland"

- Bernadette Filotas' "Pagan Survivals, Superstitions and Popular Cultures in Early Medieval Pastoral Literature"

- Gelsomina Helen Castaldi's "Pagan Traces in Medieval and Early Modern European Witch-beliefs".

Witchy Vocabulary

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🍵tasseomancy - a divination or fortune-telling method that interprets patterns in tea leaves, coffee grounds, or wine sediments.
🔥pyromancy - the art of divination by means of fire
🌙divination - the practice of seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means
🎨aura - a subtle luminescence that surrounds all objects hinting at the energy contained within
🌬smoke cleansing - using sage, cedar, lavender, etc to cleanse areas and/or items
☠️curse - a general term for negative energy attached to an individual, item or location that causes misfortune to surround the target
🕸necromancy - a practice of magick involving communication with the deceased for the purpose of divination
☯️seeker - a student of magick who has not yet settled on a specific path or established a magickal identity but is open to exploration and eager to absorb information
astral projection - a term used in esotericism to describe a willful out-of-body experience, a form of telepathy, that assumes the existence of a soul or consciousness called an "astral body" that is separate from the physical body and capable of travelling outside it throughout the universe
📖grimoire - your book of spells, correspondences, beliefs, rituals, and anything else suited to your craft (Book of Shadows)
🔮scrying - the practice of looking into a suitable medium in the hope of detecting significant messages or visions
🦉familiar - a magic-user's spiritual helper manifested in animal form (can be real or spiritual)
☁️aeromancy - a form of divination using the element of Air by observing the sky, particularly meteorological and cosmological events, including the movements of clouds, winds and sometimes comets, the appearance of rainbows and other phenomena such as auroras
🎃coven - a tight-knit, usually small community of Witches, Wiccans or Vampires who gather regularly for religious and/or social occasion
⭐️astrology - the art and science of predicting certain events and patterns based on the observation of planetary movements and relationships and the study of how these movements and relationships affect terrestrial world events and the health, moods, relationships and personalities of individuals
🌞equinox - the moment the sun crosses the celestial equator
🕯ceromancy - a method of divination using a candle
🌔dowsing - a type of divination specifically for the location of objects, most notably water or treasure of some sort, but any item can be the subject of dowsing
🌎grounding - the process of connecting with and becoming aware of our physical body and its connection with the Earth
🌕lithomancy - a form of divinatory arts in which stones are used to see the past, clarify the present, or predict the future
🧠meditation - a method of stilling the mind, either by emptying it of thought or by focusing on one thing in order to reach a state of relaxation or an altered state of consciousness
🌑occultism - the study of the occult, of the hidden and most secret nature of the Universe and of the individual things within it
🍷ritual - a series of actions performed in a pre-defined order, usually involving religious observances, spirituality or magical activity
🌀sigil - a symbol that is drawn for a specific magical purpose; to represent the intent of the drawer or to represent a specific entity
🎍talisman - an object worn, carried or placed in a location with the intention of warding off negative energy, evil spirits, disease or bad luck

Healing for All Witches

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For the Green Witch

For the Sun Witch:

For Any Witch:

For the Spoonie Witch:

For the Crystal Witch:

For the Energy Witch:

For the Sick Witch:

Back To School Witchcraft MASTERPOST

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Výsledek obrázku pro witch drawing tumblr
For all you witchy kids out there who are still in school:
📓 Coordinate the colors you wear for magical purposes (black for repelling negative energy {great for empaths, introverts, and witches prone to social anxiety or anxiety in general}, blue for communication and mental clarity, etc.
* in my personal experience, white is a very receptive color that absorbs the energy around you. That's optimal for cleansing rituals or personal healing, but not for being at school while surrounded by a ton of chaotic stress energy. Avoid wearing too much white when possible if you're sensitive to that kind of thing*
📓 Carry crystals suitable for protection against negative energy (including stress and drama coming from people around you), crystals for mental clarity and creativity, and crystals for grounding. Here are some that I like:
• Golden rutilated Quartz (aka Venus hair) (Gives you a boost of energy and protects against negative, stressful energy. Empowering and generally happy)
• Black tourmaline (the go-to for protecting against negative energy)
• Amethyst (a standard for empaths who are easily worn down by other people's energy. Calming, cooling, and psychically protective)
• Citrine (very happy and positive, repels stress and gives you a creative boost)
• Angelite (very calming and cooling, great for anxiety and ESPECIALLY good to have if you're giving a presentation)
• Red jasper (subtle but very grounding, makes you feel safe and centered)
📓 Pack a lunch full of foods with magical intention. Get into kitchen witchcraft and use herbs, spices, and symbols in your food to help you concentrate in class, feel calm and safe against stress, etc.
📓 When you get home, ALWAYS do a "cord-cutting" followed by a hot shower. Visualize the old energy going down the drain.

School was very stressful for me for multiple reasons, not least of which was the fact that I was an empath and an introvert with a lot of social anxiety. I hope these things help!


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Související obrázek

Learn the phases of the moon and what each phase contributes for you. Also, search up "tonight's moon phase" and it'll tell you what moon is there that night and tell you when to expect other phases!

•full moon: love magick, charging, healing, banishing, cleansing, clarity
•Waxing gibbous: motivation, attraction, success, good health
•Dark/new moon: deconstructive magick, curses, banishing, soul searching, divination
•waning crescent: balance, success, attaining wisdom, atonement, illness
•last quarter: breaking bad habits, relinquishing, breaking curses, banishing
•waning gibbous: relinquishing, undoing bindings, cleansing, undoing curses •Waxing crescent: constructive magick, attraction, wealth/success, luck & friendship
Use this for magick and making moon water. To make moon water you simply put some water under the moon, it's okay if it's cloudy, and you only need to put it out for an hour or more. Store it in a dark space.

Sun water: for ego, dignity, power, pride, self confidence and leader ship
Just leave water under the sun and store in a light/open area.

Candles! : buy them from the dollar store , it's much cheaper there. I have a few witchy shops in my city as well and candles can be 60 cents each! Here's a post for candle colour correspondences:

What type of witch are you? : Here's a master post and it's HUGE on types of witches with a detailed description:

No material spells: Here's a few one word spells to get you started! :

Secret witches master post:

Importance of salt in witchcraft:

How to cast a circle (many methods) :


(1) (2)


cleansing methods (1) (2)
when you should cleanse


Plants & Herbs

(1) (2) (3)




types of divination (1) (2)


Wicca and witchcraft on cheap

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I am on a tight budget. Between paying for school, paying bills, and saving for a house, I can't afford a lot of fancy tools like I used to. I also know, a lot of people don't live in Pagan inhabited areas like I do, so I made this list of common tool alternatives, and substitutes for herbs and stones! Feel free to add to this list, and know that this is NOT all inclusive.

Also, because its tumblr and this is necessary, I use Wicca and Witchcraft together in this list because Witches and Wiccans use a lot of the same materials and tools, and I am lazy and don't wanna make 2 lists.


Herbs are super easy to access, are relatively affordable, and easy to disguise if you are not a public Witch.

Rosemary-This herb is the Witches go to. It is great for almost everything. Its a hardy plant, so if you grow it yourself it is easy to keep alive, and its inexpensive at the grocery store. This herb is also one of the few that can be used as a substitute for any other herb. (Because of its many correspondences)
Salt-Any type of salt can be used in Witchcraft, and its SUPER versatile. I like to buy coarse kosher salt at the dollar tree myself, but table salt and cheap iodized salt from the grocery store is also great to use.
Sage-White sage of course is popular with Pagans, but buying preground sage from the grocery store is just as useful. I also like to buy the fresh sage from the store when its on sale (got it yesterday from my local Latin grocer for $1) and dry it myself on my wall. Sage removes ALL ENERGIES from a space, so its a great neutralizer that allows you to create exactly the type of space you want.
Black pepper-Yep, the kind you sprinkle on your food, that sits stale in the shaker on your table for months on end? Its perfect for banishment, removal, and protection. Mix it with Salt for a great protection blend, and use it as a hexing and cursing tool as well. Bonus? Its super affordable and available in a lot of varieties (PINK PEPPERCORN IS AWESOMELY PRETTY)
Cayenne Pepper-Another inexpensive herb, this one is great for when you have to do fierce protection or hexing, but don't want to shell out the money for something more potent. This herb is also really multipurpose.
Egg shells-You're already making eggs for breakfast, may as well clean out those shells (strip the inner lining off it) and grind them up for a great material for fertility, protection, healing, and more!


Stones are not always as easy to come by, but here are a few of them that when you can get them, are inexpensive, and good for many uses. Also, pennies.

Clear Quartz-Its a neutral stone that is in so many other stones. Like rosemary, quartz is great for just about anything. I use it for cleansing, creating barriers, protection, mirror spells and more!
Amethyst-Part quartz, part adorably purple, I love amethyst because its great for multiple things. Love, Psychic powers, protection, and healing to name a few.
Rose Quartz-Known more as "the love stone" this is a great multipurpose stone. I use it as representation of Goddess energy, self and outward love, healing, and as a generator of positivity.
Himalayan Salt- Salt is a stone and you can't tell me otherwise. These are great because it is said they are natural ionizers. You can find them as candle holders, cutting boards, lamps, and even in salt shakers! Great inexpensive alternative to having a ton of stones around your home.
Pennies-Tiny, copper, useless when shopping unless you have exact change, these little guys are great for luck, money drawing, prosperity and success, and a bunch of other things. I use them for offerings to my Deities as well.

Tool Substitutes

Wiccan and Witchcraft tools are a wonderful thing to have. When I started, I didn't have them though, and for a long time I felt like I COULDN'T be a witch. That is just not the case. While yes it is helpful to have all the fancy tools and materials, here are a few awesome things you already have at home that you can use as magical tools (make sure you cleanse and consecrate them first!)

Chalice-USE A WINE GLASS! They are literally the same thing. If you don't have a wine glass, I like using a flower vase in a bind. But you can get wine glasses at Dollar stores and yard sales too :)
Athame- Ah, the double edged blade that we all long for. Dude, you come equipped with a natural director of energy. Your index finger on your dominant hand. (I am a right handed person, so I use my right pointer/index finger when my athame is unavailable)
Boline-The knife used for cutting. If you can't guess enough to grab an old steak knife or something from your kitchen, idk how to help you. I eventually managed to scrape up the cash for a small hunting knife at a renaissance fair, which I still have and use as my boline 8 years later. Scissors also work.
Mortar and Pestle-Okay, this one is harder to find a good substitute for, but I have managed to find a couple! Thrift stores are your friend, you can find actual mortar and pestles there, and at latin grocery stores, BUT you can also find thrifted COFFEE GRINDERS! If that isn't a possibility, grab yourself a big rock, an old towel and get some aggression out. You can bludgeon the herbs to death. (not recommended, but fun as hell)
Offering plate-Yes, its great to have a fancy hand carved plate. But, I have literally used paper plates and haven't been smited down where I stand. You do you.
Statues of Deity-Statues are SUPER expensive. I like to find images that look like my idea of what God/dess looks like and print them off on photo paper, frame it and TADA instant Deity idols. You can also make your own out of clay if you are so inclined. Or, doodle away!