Tarot hacks

23. srpna 2018 v 0:21 | ellen
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  • When something isn't going your way: find The Wheel of Fortune, the cards on either side are the solution to the problem
  • To bring wealth; shuffle then pull the 1st, 5th, 10th, 20th, and 50th cards
  • When a romantic relationship is turning rocky; shuffle and find The Lovers, the cards on either side are the root of the problem
  • When you need to make a decision; shuffle, then find the 2 of Swords, the cards on either side are the different outcomes
  • When you've done fucked up shuffle then find The Fool, the cards on either side are how to fix the problem
  • Make a wish and draw a card
  • To get a glipse at your future; find your birth cards, then check out the cards laying underneath

How to Read Tarot Cards When You Don’t Know Shit

23. srpna 2018 v 0:18 | ellen

This is a simple exercise I've done really to hone my intuition while divining. I like to pull a three card spread (past, present, future) but you can really use whichever spread you'd like.

Major Arcana:
  • Most trump cards can be self explanatory if you're good at word association.
  • The Fool card starts a story that follows a journey through to the World, the end. Everything in between is character development.
  • Death does not mean death. Unlike most horror films, its appearance can actually signal a new beginning or change.

Minor Arcana:
Know what each suit means or symbolizes in general.
  • Cups: Water, focuses on your emotional self, creativity and romance, following your heart over your head.
  • Pentacles: Earth, focuses on your physical self, material ideas like business or wealth, manifestation.
  • Swords: Air, focuses on your mental self, action and concentration, intelligence and conflict.
  • Wands: Fire, focuses on your spiritual self, intuition and inspiration, values and flaws.

All in All:
  • Use the context clues in the imagery of your cards to guide your intuition.
  • Don't worry about misreading a card or getting anything wrong. This is really about trusting yourself and your gut instincts.
  • Don't be afraid to take the surface value of the card during this exercise. It's just an exercise.