Rowan (Aka Mountain Ash)

25. srpna 2018 v 11:33 | ellen
"The Rowan is a most potent protection against ill-wishing; both in the form of personal charms and household protections. For either use, both the prepared twigs and the red berries may be employed, traditionally together with red thread.
Small bound crosses of Rowan twigs and the threaded berries may be carried as pocket charms, or hung within the home at the portal points.
The Rowan's berries would in Cornwall be threaded to form protective necklaces, and the tree's planting near doorways imparts upon the building a protective virtue to avert the power of the "black witch" and evil spirits, as does the ritual affixing of red thread bound rowan branch and twig bunches above doorways upon the potent eves of May and November."

(The Black Toad by Gemma Gary)