Sun vs. Moon vs. Rising

23. srpna 2018 v 15:01 | ellen

Sun sign - the condition of the sun is our instrument for self-realisation
Moon sign - the condition of the moon is our instrument for self-reflection
when people comment about "wearing the mask out in the world, to do the job and appear competent. covering the emotions, sensitivity, and vulnerability, pretending that everything is okay"
the mask we are using is the sun, while we try to cover the secret faces of our moon all at once. by the time we have returned home in the evening we have no energy left and we surrender to the night goddess inside (Moon Sign). in the late of night she mixes tiredness to make it a little intoxicated, wine always tastes sweeter
the solar body (Sun Sign) commands to have an active presence, to identify itself with a name, an idea, an image
it moves the light apart to make itself seen. its magic

the lunar body (Moon Sign) prefers to hide, is rather shy, and has many different sides. swayed by internal images and nocturnal dreams
its presence embellishes by having a witness that can see its vulnerabilities and stories they are trying to articulate with the emotions and reactions of pure unmet needs
the lunar body identifies with yesterday - the way things were are the way things are supposed to be

Aquarius sun: reinvents others when they're inspired
Aquarius moon: reinvents themselves when they're inspired
Aquarius Rising: reinvents the world when they're inspired

Sun in Aquarius
part of the conflict involves the inner sense of discomfort and disrespect when imitating and following a crowd - but rebelling and running the exact opposite way is only another form of imitation. when they begin to identify with certain concepts, beliefs, and ideologies they also become stubbornly self-righteous and limit the potential of their minds
Moon in Aquarius
there is a higher emotional intelligence here coupled with a psychic sensitivity, it's common for the person to identify strongly with their intuitive and abstract capacities because they may find this the easiest and most effective medium of relating to other people

Aquarius- Urban Witch
By living in the city, she had to learn to practice modern-type witchcraft; she has sigil tattoos, reads her Book of Shadows on an e-reader, and uses charm jewelry. She uses magical shields to create space for her in crowded places.