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I am on a tight budget. Between paying for school, paying bills, and saving for a house, I can't afford a lot of fancy tools like I used to. I also know, a lot of people don't live in Pagan inhabited areas like I do, so I made this list of common tool alternatives, and substitutes for herbs and stones! Feel free to add to this list, and know that this is NOT all inclusive.

Also, because its tumblr and this is necessary, I use Wicca and Witchcraft together in this list because Witches and Wiccans use a lot of the same materials and tools, and I am lazy and don't wanna make 2 lists.


Herbs are super easy to access, are relatively affordable, and easy to disguise if you are not a public Witch.

Rosemary-This herb is the Witches go to. It is great for almost everything. Its a hardy plant, so if you grow it yourself it is easy to keep alive, and its inexpensive at the grocery store. This herb is also one of the few that can be used as a substitute for any other herb. (Because of its many correspondences)
Salt-Any type of salt can be used in Witchcraft, and its SUPER versatile. I like to buy coarse kosher salt at the dollar tree myself, but table salt and cheap iodized salt from the grocery store is also great to use.
Sage-White sage of course is popular with Pagans, but buying preground sage from the grocery store is just as useful. I also like to buy the fresh sage from the store when its on sale (got it yesterday from my local Latin grocer for $1) and dry it myself on my wall. Sage removes ALL ENERGIES from a space, so its a great neutralizer that allows you to create exactly the type of space you want.
Black pepper-Yep, the kind you sprinkle on your food, that sits stale in the shaker on your table for months on end? Its perfect for banishment, removal, and protection. Mix it with Salt for a great protection blend, and use it as a hexing and cursing tool as well. Bonus? Its super affordable and available in a lot of varieties (PINK PEPPERCORN IS AWESOMELY PRETTY)
Cayenne Pepper-Another inexpensive herb, this one is great for when you have to do fierce protection or hexing, but don't want to shell out the money for something more potent. This herb is also really multipurpose.
Egg shells-You're already making eggs for breakfast, may as well clean out those shells (strip the inner lining off it) and grind them up for a great material for fertility, protection, healing, and more!


Stones are not always as easy to come by, but here are a few of them that when you can get them, are inexpensive, and good for many uses. Also, pennies.

Clear Quartz-Its a neutral stone that is in so many other stones. Like rosemary, quartz is great for just about anything. I use it for cleansing, creating barriers, protection, mirror spells and more!
Amethyst-Part quartz, part adorably purple, I love amethyst because its great for multiple things. Love, Psychic powers, protection, and healing to name a few.
Rose Quartz-Known more as "the love stone" this is a great multipurpose stone. I use it as representation of Goddess energy, self and outward love, healing, and as a generator of positivity.
Himalayan Salt- Salt is a stone and you can't tell me otherwise. These are great because it is said they are natural ionizers. You can find them as candle holders, cutting boards, lamps, and even in salt shakers! Great inexpensive alternative to having a ton of stones around your home.
Pennies-Tiny, copper, useless when shopping unless you have exact change, these little guys are great for luck, money drawing, prosperity and success, and a bunch of other things. I use them for offerings to my Deities as well.

Tool Substitutes

Wiccan and Witchcraft tools are a wonderful thing to have. When I started, I didn't have them though, and for a long time I felt like I COULDN'T be a witch. That is just not the case. While yes it is helpful to have all the fancy tools and materials, here are a few awesome things you already have at home that you can use as magical tools (make sure you cleanse and consecrate them first!)

Chalice-USE A WINE GLASS! They are literally the same thing. If you don't have a wine glass, I like using a flower vase in a bind. But you can get wine glasses at Dollar stores and yard sales too :)
Athame- Ah, the double edged blade that we all long for. Dude, you come equipped with a natural director of energy. Your index finger on your dominant hand. (I am a right handed person, so I use my right pointer/index finger when my athame is unavailable)
Boline-The knife used for cutting. If you can't guess enough to grab an old steak knife or something from your kitchen, idk how to help you. I eventually managed to scrape up the cash for a small hunting knife at a renaissance fair, which I still have and use as my boline 8 years later. Scissors also work.
Mortar and Pestle-Okay, this one is harder to find a good substitute for, but I have managed to find a couple! Thrift stores are your friend, you can find actual mortar and pestles there, and at latin grocery stores, BUT you can also find thrifted COFFEE GRINDERS! If that isn't a possibility, grab yourself a big rock, an old towel and get some aggression out. You can bludgeon the herbs to death. (not recommended, but fun as hell)
Offering plate-Yes, its great to have a fancy hand carved plate. But, I have literally used paper plates and haven't been smited down where I stand. You do you.
Statues of Deity-Statues are SUPER expensive. I like to find images that look like my idea of what God/dess looks like and print them off on photo paper, frame it and TADA instant Deity idols. You can also make your own out of clay if you are so inclined. Or, doodle away!

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