Untie the Wind

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Of the diverse powers of the witch, control of the weather is one of the most mysterious, and feared, perhaps, by the Christian masses. It is claimed by the Christian theology that their god gave the power of the elements unto Satan; indeed, this is why he is called "Lord of the World". It was believed that witches, who were in league with the Devil, could control the rains, the winds, and the seas with their magic.
Sailors would purchase knotted cords from witches. When the knots were untied, the wind would pick up. The more knots one untied, the more wind there would be.
This can still be applied today using either ones own breath, or the wind itself.
On a windy day, take yourself to a high place where the wind blows more strongly. Take with you a red cord to be knotted in three places. Breathe in the wind. Become the wind. Be in all places at once. One and Separate by the Mystery.
Tie the wind into the knots. The first knot should be closest to the left end, the second knot closest to the right, and the third knot to be in the middle of the cord. Accompany your actions with a charm such as:
"Each knot I make
And then untie
Will stir the wind
To fill the sky."
Return to your home, and keep the knotted cord in a high place within your home. When you need to change the wind, take the cord outside and untie the knots in reverse order.
"This knot is untied,
So the cord is free.
As the cord if freed,
The wind shall be."
For a strong gale untie all three knots.
If there is no wind to tie into the cord, simply use the breath. Whistle three times for a wind, and give a blast of air into the first knot. Into the second knot, give a slightly smaller stream. And into the final knot, give merely a breeze of your personal wind.


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