To Summon Someone

24. srpna 2018 v 17:08 | ellen |  spells
Into an apple stick twelve pins. With each pin mutter over the apple:
"It's not this apple alone I stick,
But -'s heart/mind that I prick,
Whether s/he be asleep or awake,
I'd have him/her come to me an speak."
Then throw the apple into a fire and wait.
This is a spell I learned a long time ago. It's actually a mixture of two spells, as the apple spell did not give any words, so I added them in. Alternatively, you could just prick the apple, scream the name of the person, and throw it into the fire, but I feel that this is more eloquent.
This is a form of image magic, as though driving the idea of visiting your home into the heart or mind (you can use the former for a "lover") of the person you wish to summon. The burning in the fire, of course, is to send your request out into the world upon the smoke.

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