The Witch’s Whisk

25. srpna 2018 v 11:26 | ellen
The witch's whisk is a traditional piece of West Country witchery.
They are bundles of blackberry twigs, traditionally bound on one end, and lit to be used as a cleansing smoke.
The process of making one is rather simple. The witch goes to a blackberry bush and harvests a handful of twigs, then binds the end they will hold. The open end will be lit aflame and blown out, producing a wood-smoke that clears out a space or a person of ill-influences.
The witches in the West Country were said to light them and weave around and about to make an area ready for witch work.
The blackberry in England has a lot of folklore, each pointing to a common piece of wisdom. Blackberry was the bane of all evils, from misfortune to illness. It was used to release people and animals from illness, misfortune, and witchery. There are tales that the Devil was thrown out of Heaven and into a blackberry bush, and such avoids and hates them.
If you're like me, you tend to individualize these pieces of lore. In my own method, water taken from a holy place and flicked/sprayed about with the ends of the whisk can achieve the same effect as the above, especially if it's directly after using the whisk in its original method

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