Concerning the Three Bodies

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I've been meaning to make this post for a while, and I just never got around to it, so here it goes.
The Three Bodies.
What are the Three Bodies?
The Three Bodies are what make up a person, thing, animal, what have you. I debate with myself whether or not this includes non-living objects, like computers and cars…and eventually, I just say: no, let's keep with objects that have spirit to begin with, rather than spirits that cultivate over time from interaction.
The Three Bodies are: The Physical Body (obvs), the Spirit Body, and the Soul or Archetypical Body. It's a very animistic concept, and one that our ancestors had strong ties to as well.
The Physical Body
It's that fleshy mass that is oh so fragile that you're sitting in right now. This includes your bones, all your organs, et cetera. It is a vehicle for accessing the spirit and the soul. As the least subtle of bodies, it is harder to manipulate in terms of changing it with the will. We certainly have control over our bodies, but that is accessed from above, a deeper mystery is here. I tend to refer to the physical body as the When and the Where.
The Spirit Body
The Spirit body is the subtle double of our physical body. It is also the one that we can manipulate to attract the Familiar Spirit. It is this double that fares forth into the spirit world. Modern witches often refer to this as the "astral body", I just…hate using that term, but whatever. This spirit body is tied to the Mind, and is also the Who of the Where and When. The Spirit is cultivated over time as we grow spiritually. This may make people question if we are born with a spirit.
Yes and no. Yes in the sense that everything has spirit, but no in the sense that our spirit is not fully grown, as it were. We must cultivate the spirit, and raise it to act in a certain way with certain beliefs. What we are raised to know is not necessarily what is best for our spirit, and so we must tear it away and rebuild. This tearing away of the Ego (the Who) of our existence is a traumatizing event, and can lead to insanity or even death. I do not recommend it to anyone who is afraid of change. This tearing away of the spirit creates a path to the Soul.
The Soul or Archetypical Self
The Soul is our deepest self. It is the Root of our being. It is the most subtle, and therefore the hardest to explain and understand. The Soul is our Deep Primal Self. It is the Shadow of our being. In this it is connected to the All. It is also our Archetypical Self in that it represents the Whole of Who we are.
Not everyone has a soul. Or rather, not everyone has access to their Deep Self. The Soul is accessed through the Spirit, and if you have not taken the time to cultivate the spirit, you can not access the soul. By a strange occurrence, when we are is deeply connected to the Soul, or What we are. It trickles down from above, creating the When of us.
The problem with our language is that we have so few words spiritually speaking. To some Soul and Spirit are the same thing. However, if we listen to our language, there are subtle clues about what we really think of these two concepts.
"In keeping with the Spirit of this Piece, Romeo and Juliet will be played with the appropriate ages."
Here we are evoking the spirit of the play, of Who it is and Who it represents, and the Concept surrounding it. It is very logical in this way.
"You have to access the Soul, the Heart of this piece of music. You have to Feel it."
The concept of the Soul is very emotional, deep, and usually can not be explained with mere words. But to access it, we must understand the concepts surrounding it, the Spirit of it.
The Soul is not who you are now, it is something far deeper and far more. It is overwhelming. It is the Whole.
When we die, our spirit ceases to exist. Who we are becomes nothing, unless it is kept alive by those who remember us. But it is disconnected from the Soul, that must move on.
In dreams I have been shown what happens when we die. Our identity is erased, and is swallowed into Nothingness. The Soul moves on as it must. A constant oscillation between the Physical and the Other. And yet, it isn't ours any more at all, haha!
That's…really all I have right now, to be honest. It's late here, and I can't think of anything else to write. There are things that I'd like to talk about, but can't really figure out how to put them into words.
If you have any questions, just drop me a line.

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