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For all you witchy kids out there who are still in school:
📓 Coordinate the colors you wear for magical purposes (black for repelling negative energy {great for empaths, introverts, and witches prone to social anxiety or anxiety in general}, blue for communication and mental clarity, etc.
* in my personal experience, white is a very receptive color that absorbs the energy around you. That's optimal for cleansing rituals or personal healing, but not for being at school while surrounded by a ton of chaotic stress energy. Avoid wearing too much white when possible if you're sensitive to that kind of thing*
📓 Carry crystals suitable for protection against negative energy (including stress and drama coming from people around you), crystals for mental clarity and creativity, and crystals for grounding. Here are some that I like:
• Golden rutilated Quartz (aka Venus hair) (Gives you a boost of energy and protects against negative, stressful energy. Empowering and generally happy)
• Black tourmaline (the go-to for protecting against negative energy)
• Amethyst (a standard for empaths who are easily worn down by other people's energy. Calming, cooling, and psychically protective)
• Citrine (very happy and positive, repels stress and gives you a creative boost)
• Angelite (very calming and cooling, great for anxiety and ESPECIALLY good to have if you're giving a presentation)
• Red jasper (subtle but very grounding, makes you feel safe and centered)
📓 Pack a lunch full of foods with magical intention. Get into kitchen witchcraft and use herbs, spices, and symbols in your food to help you concentrate in class, feel calm and safe against stress, etc.
📓 When you get home, ALWAYS do a "cord-cutting" followed by a hot shower. Visualize the old energy going down the drain.

School was very stressful for me for multiple reasons, not least of which was the fact that I was an empath and an introvert with a lot of social anxiety. I hope these things help!


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